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All about Heaven and Hope Baby funeral tiniest Clothes Cards Coffins Caskets.

Heaven and Hope opened 2nd January 2019. About Heaven and Hope. Stock Tiniest Baby Funeral Clothes Cards Coffins Caskets . In the first place of a new year. Next a new business in its own right . Sheila Sudlow is the business owner of Heaven and Hope.

As more and more lines were added to her Something Precious website for baby funeral clothes. The brand needed to be separate from the premature baby clothes store she already owned.

A brand established as part of a premature baby clothes superstore at Cheeky Chums. Something Precious brand started in 2007. In this case handmade baby funeral clothes from 1lb in weight. Over the years the brand became so established that it needed to be independent .

All change after 14 years

After 14 years Sheila Sudlow  business owner, decided it was time to concentrate more on the Tiniest baby funeral side of things. Running a premature baby clothes shop and run Heaven and Hope with Something Precious over there too.

The brands at Heaven and Hope include…

  • Something Precious : smallest baby funeral Clothes + Cards.
  • Precious Gems tm: luxury range baby funeral wear for tiny babies.
  • Precious Memories tm : baby Ashes urn necklaces and memorial jewellery.
  • Bear Hugs tm : the most tiniest teddy bears baby funeral gifts.
  • Snuggies tm: tiny baby accessories such as nappies, socks.
  • Forever Mine Tm: smallest baby ashes caskets coffins and ashes urns for babies.

what do they do at Heaven and Hope bigger website

Heaven and Hope business name means “a baby in heaven and a ray of hope, and hope does not disappoint”.

what do they do over at Heaven and Hopes main website ? They offer More choices. Funeral needs for the Tiniest baby  an online only shop . Therefore making sure a tiniest baby can wear clothes to go to their own funeral. Giving parents more control over what has just happened to their baby. So then parents can decide what they wear.

Parents are able to and dress their little one with love tenderness and cherished for a final goodbye. As a result the family will not be as worried. Thinking baby will feel cold in the burial casket. Having a final resting place close by is invaluable .Especially for a family that have just suffered a miscarriage. In brief It helps brings closure for grief instead of doing what one lady at a crematorium said to ” just flush it down the toilet”. heaven and hope stock baby ashes caskets from 3cm.

heaven and hope funeral clothes babies

What is so special about Something Precious ?

Something precious is a brand of the cutest baby bereavement clothes from 16 weeks gestation. You may think but at 16 weeks gestation babies born that small cant survive ? yes at this present year they cant. but its so important to make them feel comfortable settled ready for a final sleep. Generally babies were passed to mum in a towel. for the most part even wrapped in just a blanket

Wearing something normal dressed in proper baby clothes. Available in cute prints or soothing pastel shades.  Many hospitals get donated knitted clothes or gowns made from wedding dresses. Usually donated for the family for baby to have something on for the funeral service . but its not something mum or dad would have chosen normally.

heaven and hope baby funeral clothes coffins caskets

Something precious range baby clothes less than 1lb in weight?

Times have changed for baby bereavement. Back in the 1960’s you were just told to get on with it ,babies were cremated sometimes without the mother even being able to see them or just to give them a cuddle.  After 30 years if you speak to one of these mums they never got over it. by the way they often suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Maternity suites are only now offering the privacy needed to allow families to grieve. Thereby as they give birth to a pre diagnosed baby with no heartbeat in the womb . Ad a result this baby with no heart beat will be born dead known as a stillbirth. Consequently Times have changed now so midwives allow parents to spend precious time with their baby. ideally in a quiet setting away from other mums with their new born babies crying.

furthermore making the most of your time together as a family. Making memories dressing baby before the funeral service. Therefore its a more natural way to help come to terms with the loss of a baby.  Dressing baby so they wont feel the cold. Furthermore it is important too in the grieving process. Putting families minds at ease, being a part of the funeral planning . such as being involved and not shut out.

for instance Babies so small should be able to have the dignity and respect they deserve. Hence heaven and Hope meets these needs for a very tiny baby funeral.

Bear hugs Tiniest teddy bears baby bereavement gifts for baby to take on their journey to heaven.

In addition the most micro sized teddy bears to keep baby company on their journey to heaven. In fact the range of items for very tiny baby funerals is huge including micro rattle toys and baby bunnies soft and cuddly too from 3cm.

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