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Miscarriage in hospital

miscarriage funeral cremation

miscarriage in hospital or at home . Generally for many families experiencing a miscarriage in hospital can be very daunting. In short other mothers on the maternity unit will be having healthy babies . Particular notice is how midwives and other medical staff treat women during a late miscarriage. Besides it can have a profound effect in many years to come. So how can Midwives, Consultants or Doctors in hospital could be improved upon for a miscarriage or stillbirth even..d

During research some parents had this to say about having late miscarriage in hospital

late miscarriage
  • post mortem after a stillbirth at 23 weeks …. Can you make sure the family is told when baby is back from a post-mortem. Waiting 2 weeks our family couldn’t arrange the baby’s funeral. Its because no one told us our baby boy had come back from the post mortem. A year later same thing happened to another  family causing them so much grief .
  • Early termination for a medical condition knowing baby will not be viable at birth . Do not keep pestering the family to abort the baby. If a family express their wishes not to terminate do not keep pestering. It is their decision to make not the medical staff.

What to say during a miscarriage to parents

  • Miscarriage at 23 weeks keep up the good work talk. Remember to talk my baby as if he or she was alive, it makes all the difference. But do not say congratulations and I’m sorry in the same breath it makes no sense.
  • Saying good bye after  a late miscarriage . If possible move us away from crying babies and it was good that any member of my family could come to say good bye and have a final cuddle.
  • After a miscarriage the midwife said to my baby boy ” It’s going to be ok mummy and daddy are very brave and want to spend time with you loving and cuddling you”. Incidentally that means a lot.

support for a miscarriage

  • As an example having pains being sick during a miscarriage. Knowing my baby will be born not viable at 20 weeks. What can I expect I was terrified and please don’t say its all over now, It will ring in my ears forever.
  • having a miscarriage at 23 weeks …There needs to be an information pack about Miscarriage. Such as losing  a baby at different stages. For instance no death certificate provided for a baby born to a miscarriage at 20 week. Subsequently how you organise a funeral after a miscarriage. Arrange for someone to come and take my baby’s hand and footprints .
  • For a baby miscarriage what support is there ? After do we just get on with it or are there some charities that can help with counselling ?

after a miscarriage taking care of cremation ashes

baby miscarriage

 when your baby has sadly passed away early on in pregnancy due to a miscarriage you may decide on a funeral or even a cremation service . If you decide to have a cremation its totally different. After you can get the ashes returned to you. later on you can then decide to scatter bury or keep close by as a memorial forever.

If you have a miscarriage at home you may just want to bury baby in the garden in a little box depending how far along you are. (less than 23 weeks) babies that have reached 24 weeks by law have to have a funeral or cremation.

Some parents don’t realise its your own baby and you can decide the options. Namely opttions for the hospital to do the cremation. another option is a funeral director to organise the burial or cremation . In fact do your own scattering ashes memorial day once the crematorium have given you the ashes remains.

You can choose your own little cremation urn for babies or look through the funeral directors catalogue but the range may be limited. Depending on the gestational age of baby also determines how much ashes you will get. due to a baby’s bone structure early on in pregnancy and fluid there isn’t much ashes remains for very early babies once they have been cremated. 

cremation after a miscarriage scatter baby’s ashes keep or bury them

If you scatter all of baby’s ashes you cant get them back once done. Your partner may have other ideas if you want to bury them such as putting some in an ashes cremation necklace.

5 things to consider with a baby’s ashes remains.

  • you can bury them in a family plot with grandparents
  • you could spread them in the baby garden of remembrance at the local cemetery
  • your baby’s ashes could be put in a baby’s cremation urn on the mantelpiece
  • create a little shelf in baby’s bedroom with a picture teddy and ashes urn memorial.
  • you can write a letter for family members to note that your baby will be buried or cremated with your own remains in the distant future.
  • scatter parts baby’s ashes in sections as a family where you would have taken your child had they lived such as the park the zoo scattered near a tree,or at the seaside.

choosing an ashes urn casket for miscarried babies

miscarriage ashes urn baby

what is available in the Uk for baby ashes remains to go in ?

ceramic made urns for children …… can tip over and smash due the materials its made from

large box with lid coloured in cute patterns …… size can be overwhelming for tiny babies when you only get a small amount ashes back.

metal urns for babies large in size not recommended for a tiny amount ashes.

miscarriage baby ashes urns by “Forever Mine” hand made in uk from natural wooden materials that can be buried in earth that’s kind to the environment, or kept forever near the parents close by 

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Baby Died stillborn at 24 weeks why me ?

Baby Died stillborn at 24 weeks why did it have to happen to me ?

baby died stillborn
spring background with on a background of blue sky

I say again my baby died but no one is listening to me. My friends avoid me in the street. or they cross over the road. Do they blame me is that why they shun me now ? Even some of my family want me to get over it and move on. Why wont they listen to me my baby has gone forever it wasn’t my fault. He was still my baby. How can I move on my life feels like its ended. I feel like I breathe in but don’t breathe out again.

stillborn but still born

My baby was stillborn at 24 weeks. he was perfectly formed. In short he looked just like his daddy. Yet he had long fingers just like me. I want to speak his name he did exist. he was still born he wasn’t a bunch of cells. I want to shout out his name to the trees. To the clouds passing bye and hope a feather falls down. Just to show me he’s still close by.

baby died 24 weeks stillborn
Studio portrait of a ten day old newborn baby boy wearing pajama bottoms and a sleeping cap. He is sleeping on a moon shaped posing prop and holding a Teddy Bear.

Why did it have to be me that my baby died

Why did it have to be me that it happened to. I don’t wish it on anyone else. but Why me ? I did everything right didn’t smoke didn’t drink. Regularly ate good meals and exercised in moderation walking the dog every day.

There’s just some things that happen that we never really find out why ? and that’s me. I’ve been told to join some support groups but that’s not me. My husband barely talks to me now I can t understand. He’s gone back to work without battering an eyelid. yet I cry myself to sleep at night . Holding the only teddy we bought for him . I couldn’t let him take it with him on his journey to the stars. I needed something left behind of him does that seem mean ?

Its been 6 months since my baby died. My mums been great keeps asking me go keep fit with her but im not ready for anything just yet. I walk my dog once a day and that’s enough. smile at people as they pass me by with their own dogs . But not pregnant women. I freeze and change direction . I get so jealous and angry all the time. Its so unfair why did it have to be me.

reasons babies die

I started to look on google for answers. likewise truths and myths but not a reason why I lost my baby. reasons why babies die. I found out all sorts from placenta issues, cord problems incompetent cervix infections. if you read too much you think you’ve got cancer. sadly Ill just have to accept the fact we may never know.

Will I have more children in the future who can tell Its enough just to get up each day . To find a reason to get up. My Husband has booked us a nice 2 day break soon. lets hope it gets better soon. and to find closure after my son died.

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miscarriage at home what happens to your baby miscarry 1 -14 weeks

miscarriage at home

miscarriage at home up to 14 weeks gestation what happens to your baby ?

miscarriage at home and you are less than 14 weeks gestation in pregnancy. Here is what happens to the baby in the case of a miscarriage. Its only seeing red that you realise. Oh no I think I’ve lost the baby should I have flushed the toilet ?

But what happens if you miscarry and manage to catch the baby in tissue or in your underwear ? To begin with a baby cannot survive born at 14 weeks . Besides technology hasn’t developed enough to help babies born this early on in pregnancy. To summarise The earliest hospitals intervene is around 22-24 weeks gestation depending on their policy. (dated in the year 2019)

you may quickly wrap it in a towel until your partner comes home and keep it in the freezer but its not a long term solution.

As a baby bereavement specialist and researching this particular question. Here is what you can do with your baby / fetus after a miscarriage at home.

depending how many weeks gestation you are can determine what you do with the fetus. Often its only at the first scan around 12 weeks in pregnancy. that baby died The scan reveals that it has been baby has gone from the womb as a naturally miscarriage. You may be thinking I only had a little spotting of blood.

Questions about a miscarriage at home and hospital

if you managed to catch the fetus as it miscarried. Do you ring an ambulance. the answer is no as seeing the baby outside shows you have indeed lost it. and would not be viable born at less than 21 weeks-24 weeks gestational age. Not unless you are bleeding so heavily you feel weak and blood is gushing out of you and it wont stop.

Question 1…. I don’t feel right flushing my baby down the toilet shall I bury it in the garden?  Answer 1…You could dig a hole at least 18inches deep and away from a direct water supply in your garden to bury your baby in. planting a little rose bush over the top can be therapeutic watching it bloom and see roses develop with a beautiful aroma. Then you can cut some in full bloom to keep by your side in the house in a vase of water in memory of baby.

Question 2…. I don’t feel comfortable wrapping my baby a tiny fetus in tissue then burying it straight in a hole . what could I use that would be more appropriate id hate it for my baby to feel cold. Answer 2….you can order a fetal demise pouch so baby can lie in it snug and settled then place into a tiny wooden casket before going directly into the ground.

home cremation after a miscarriage of baby fetus

a cremation is the incineration of bodily remains that brings the contents to a dust like appearance called ashes. the home cremation for babies less than 14 weeks gestation. Home cremations can be done by a family member on a little fire outside. use a closed tin with a lid with holes at the bottom . if any ashes remain these can be kept or scattered. Generally in an mini ashes urn for babies . or kept in a little ashes urn necklace or ashes jewellery keepsake.

If you contact your local crematorium they would tell you if there is a charge and what paperwork you would need to have. They need this form filled in, in order for them to conduct a cremation for a fetus born in the second trimester and upwards.

Question 3 Do I have to see the doctor after a miscarriage at home at 11 weeks gestation ? I lost the baby down the toilet and bled for a week  afterwards ?

Answer 3 You could do a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the miscarriage to see if any hormones are still present if you are starting to feel feverish some of the tissue could still be left inside and may cause and infection. if its showing negative then unless you are bleeding very heavily and it wont stop you do not need to see a doctor unless you are worried at all. As a rule you may quickly wrap it in a towel until your partner comes home and keep it in the freezer but its not a long term solution.

miscarry of a baby at the 12th week of pregnancy

early miscarriage burial casket for 12 week fetus baby

In a cremation because baby under 12 weeks it hasn’t yet developed strong bones. Therefor in these cases there wouldn’t be much ashes remains. If you did want ashes you could also use a little burial coffin with a blankets etc .

so having looked into what other mums in the same situation did. here is what they said….

  • as a result of a miscarriage You cant just flush them down the loo. unless its an accident. To help bring closure it will help you cope with your loss , by giving baby a little send off. Showing them dignity and respect . Next you can find a little box and take them to a favourite walking spot. As a result your baby could be buried and visited often. So then leave a little memorial stone saying special son or daughter in place. It will help you remember the exact spot when you visit. Please get landowner permission if its a private area.
  • don’t bury them direct in the garden. Hence as you worry too much about them being in the cold ground. Thus if a miscarriage happens in winter you find the ground is too solid due to ice snow etc.
  • another reason for not burying them directly in the garden. Subsequently Years down the line you may decide to move. You cannot physically take baby’s remains with you and could regret it later when you have moved. In particular the land may be used for something else.
  • Buy a huge stone planter to bury baby in. Place baby in  a tiny coffin box or casket .Incidentally you could also scatter any ashes urn remains. As a result if you opted for a cremation service. Plant a bush or mini shrub on top. If you are worried you’ll for get to water it ? add artificial plants and flowers instead. Then it can be carried with you and taken along if you move house.

Guidelines for burying a baby through miscarriage at home under 12 weeks of pregnancy (gestational age).

  • the burial should not cause any danger to others.
  • not interfere with any rights other people have on the land.
  • have no chance of bodily fluids leaking onto adjoining land.
  • no danger of bodily fluids escaping into water courses ie lakes etc or water supplies.
  • lastly must be buried at least 18 inches deep or 45cm in depth.

If I have a miscarriage at the hospital do they keep my baby even if its only small.

if you miscarry at the hospital they do not usually keep your baby’s remains . Because you sign a contract or a consent form . Its to decide what you would like to see happen with your baby . and any remaining tissue samples. The options are…

In brief after miscarriage in hospital You take baby home to bury or have a cremation service. You or a family member make arrangements and pay for costs. Most funeral directors do not charge for babies but please check with them first

For instance hospital arranges a communal burial . Also a cremation without you being involved. Next the hospital pays for cost. If you changed you mind wanting to move baby’s body at a later stage. incidentally then this would not be possible . For instance Its a service for all babies buried or cremated together.

 or you can also consent to you being involved in the hospital arrangements hospital pays for cost.

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Funeral plans for babies forever sleeping

funeral plans for a stillborn baby Picking Prayers

funeral plans stillborn baby
White daisies and teddy bear in basket on the grass.

funeral plans for a baby born stillborn is one of the hardest decisions a family will have to make. choosing what prayers to use can also be quite tricky. so here are some ideas you can freely use when planning a babies funeral.

Where do you start if you arn’t religious In short keep them simple if you want to write your own. However you could always write a letter to baby in heaven imagining all the good things there are up there. No more tears No more pain only love and gentleness.

making the funeral plans.

  • To look at the stars and know you are near, love lasts a lifetime and memories so dear, sleeping so tenderly is our little lady,sending hugs and some kisses to our sweet little baby. Dear God as you keep close near to you, tell her to be good as she stays there with you .
  • Father God our baby is in heaven with you, you will love and cherish her so much like we do, we pray that the angels will teach her a new things and read her a story and do heavenly things amen.

prayers can be about getting strength from God above. Including prayers about love life ,sadness and hope for the future.

  • Dear God in whom we put our trust we pray you will strengthen this family at their sad time of loss. As baby …. is now in heaven above we prayer you will shower this family with your love amen.
  • Lord Jesus baby …. is now up above singing with the angels and to know only love.we thankyou for this life so precious and sweet keeping baby so safely until again when we meet.amen

funeral plans including prayers for today

In your funeral plans select a few prayers so you can narrow them down. Next as a family all decide together on the best one to use at the funeral. incidentally when you pick a prayer to read out you could also write your own theres no rules. Therefore if you need inspiration you could incorporate all the things in this world that remind you of love

Perhaps of babies or precious flowers or butterflies etc. when a stillborn babies dies especially if early on in pregnancy there wont be memories. Memories of baby crying , smiling taking first steps etc. for poems ideas for a babies funeral you can check out these ideas here

also here are song ideas too for when a baby was born stillborn

funeral plans for a stillborn baby

my baby died Help me find prayers for my preterm babies funeral I do not know where to start

for a family who believe in God and Jesus and your gentle baby sadly died,here are some prayer ideas you can use for your preterm babies funeral service. Copyright of Something precious TM feel free to print copy and paste to add them to the list of order of service sheet.

  • Father God we thankyou for the brief time our little one was here on earth. We pray that you will comfort our family at this sad time . Give us the strength to cope each and every day AMEN.
  • lord God almighty praising you for all that you provide us. Including life and how precious it is. Help us this day to say goodbye knowing our child is in safe hands. Until we meet again Amen.

  • Heavenly Father how good you are and your mercies endue to all generations. Keep this precious baby into your loving arms surrounded by your love. Forever more Amen.
  • Dear God creator of the heavens and the earth and all good things. We thankyou for the precious life that was here for just a short time. We pray that your guardian angels will watch over our baby. From Now until all eternity until we meet with you Amen.

writing your own prayers for a funeral
  • Dear God and Jesus thankyou for loving us and the gift of life you give. We pray for your comfort and give us hope that does not disappoint. Help as at this sad time that baby (name ) went to be with you. Keeping baby is you caring arms forever more amen.
  • lord in heaven creator of all things including our angel baby that has gone to be with you. Give us your love and peace to get through the sad times ahead. Until we meet our angel baby again Amen.

for more prayers for a preterm baby funeral service click here

its a sensitive topic talking about stillborn babies dying. Especially if you are looking for prayers on the internet. there are many adult ones . As a rule these talk about memories created within a whole lifetime. Including memories that families spent with their loved one.

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Abigail’s footsteps Charity Baby loss support information

baby  loss charity abigails footsteps
Baby loss support from charities

Abigail’s footsteps is a uk registered charity. Abigail’s footsteps is a baby loss support charity.
It originally started out as a grieving couple’s desire to help others. Abigail’s footsteps has now become a powerful, influential and actionable charity that is making a demonstrable difference to people’s lives.

Heaven and Hope research baby loss charities throughout the UK that can be of assistance to bereaved parents. In fact our Something Precious brand of tiny baby bereavement clothes, have in the past been ordered by Abigail’s Footsteps.

Abigail’s Footsteps work focus is Baby loss support

abigail's footsteps baby loss charity support

For example the founders of Abigail’s footsteps had a baby themselves that died in the womb. Traumatic experiences of waiting for their baby daughter to be born. Soon after finding out that their baby had died they had to wait in a room for 3 days waiting for labour to start. You cant imagine the numbness anyone would feel going through that amount stress.

In particular delivery a baby in silence. Next hearing other mums and their crying newborn babies close by. In this case you could never Imagine post traumatic stress disorder. Sadly after the loss of a baby and being so close to full term this does happen.

Abigail’s Footsteps aim is to ease the pain for parents following a stillbirth. Raising much needed funds to buy cold cots and coping aids. Above all a cold cot keeps baby cool after a stillbirth. because baby has sadly died the natural process of death may change a baby’s appearance. This cold cot slows down the process. Therefore the family can spend quality time making memories with their baby before saying their final goodbyes.

Abigail’s footsteps recommended you tube video the deafening silence

baby loss support information
baby loss support

Before you say anything to a parent that had a stillbirth delivery take note. Whatever you say to them could remain in their ears as long as they live.This video on you tube is a must see. It’s about the sensitive topic about stillbirth. if every midwife sees it in the UK maybe they’ll have a new empathy for what really goes on. Including the moment families hear the dressed words “your baby has no heartbeat”. there are no ” at least you can ” after the loss of a baby. So please choose your words carefully. please share this blog post thankyou

visit Abigail’s footsteps here to assist this brilliant baby loss charity

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Signs of Miscarriage Symptoms

what are the Signs of a miscarriage and the symptoms

symptoms of a miscarriage
signs of a miscarriage pregnancy loss less than 24 weeks of pregnancy in Uk

The following are the signs and symptoms of miscarriage:

miscarriage signs and the usual symptoms of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. This can vary from light spotting to heavy bleeding. In detail, it consists of clots, either small or large; a brown discharge. In addition Sometimes other tissue isn’t clearly identifiable. To summarise If you have vaginal bleeding in pregnancy. Contact your GP or midwife immediately for advice.

However, many women may have a small amount of bleeding at the time their missed period. This is sometimes called an ‘implantation bleed’. Hence around the 6 weeks mark. It happens when the fertilized egg implants itself in the wall of your womb (uterus) and this is harmless. Together with abdominal and back Pains , Pains in stomach, genital regions and in the back. these also need high attention during pregnancy.

after fertilization early miscarriage happen due to an abnormality in the egg development. At the fetus stage. Subsequently a miscarriage is not caused by Sex, Stress, or Exercise. In addition, it is important for you to understand why signs and symptoms of a miscarriage occur to avoid further complications.

having a miscarriage at home at 12 weeks

Another sign of a miscarriage is seeing the baby come out .Noticed when you wipe yourself in the toilet with tissue. You may panic and flush baby down the toilet by mistake. Its an accident You cannot blame your self if this does happen. Incidentally you may catch the baby in the tissue. If you do have a miscarriage at home baby can have a funeral at home. As a result of the miscarriage. This is what you do next. Use a small tub or bereavement coffin from our main website to gently lay baby inside . A partner of family member can bury the remains in the garden a garden urn or similar. Bury deep in the ground at least 18 inches deep and away from any water supply.

signs of a miscarriage
lovable little rabbit toys. keeping baby company at the funeral service

In conclusion, while it may be true that women who experience bleeding, spotting, brown discharge, cramping, or loss pregnancy symptoms often fear the worst, none of these are conclusive signs of miscarriages. Many women with these symptoms go on to have perfectly healthy full-term pregnancies and some women without any of these symptoms end up miscarrying. Having said this, it is always best you go for prenatal visits at often intervals during your pregnancy period.

up to up to 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

In some cases of miscarriage, there are also some women who have none of the signs of miscarriage. The baby has died in the womb but the hormones are still active as if the mum to be is still carrying a live baby. So then Due to the risk of an infection in the mum sometimes a D and C is performed. Its a small operation to remove the stillborn baby and all tissue content out of the womb. This is if the baby does not naturally come away from the womb later on.

complications occasionally arise when having a miscarriage

In addition, these women may have no pain or bleeding but they no longer experience symptoms to suggest that they are pregnant (for example, morning sickness and breast tenderness). Most likely, they simply find out at a regular prenatal appointment that their baby has died. usually discovered during an ultrasound. Wherefore First ultra sounds are ordinarily performed around 12 weeks. Including the detection a possible miscarriage picked up by not hearing baby’s heartbeat on the ultra sound scan.

Equally important, bleeding or spotting accompanied by severe abdominal pain. Next watch out for dizziness with shoulder pain. In brief This could mean an ectopic pregnancy. As a result its a life threatening condition. Furthermore it occurs because the developing baby implanted inside the fallopian tubes. However, you should call an ambulance or go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department if you are worried .

Furthermore, symptoms such as fever or chills may indicate a septic miscarriage. which is a spontaneous miscarriage complicated by a pelvic infection. However an ultrasound test can confirm a miscarriage. In conclusion antibiotics and a D and C may also be needed.

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Baby Born Stillborn making lasting memories information

baby born stillborn making lasting memories before laying your child to rest

stillborn how can you make the most of your time together as a family? . Has a Scan result confirmed baby has sadly passed away? Have the hospital booked you in for an induction ? We felt it important to pass on this vital information. As time passes so quickly and we cannot turn back time. Here are 7 ways you can make some loving memories together as a family..

  1. In brief have a camera and take close up pictures of facial features feet toes hands etc.
  2. sing lullabyes as you cuddle baby and pick a favourite song to remind you of him or her.
  3. keep a spare outfit for the funeral and dress baby in the fresh clothes. The smell of baby will always be on the clothes he/she wore and you can keep them in baby’s memory box lovingly forever. We don’t recommend washing them afterwards.
  4. Compare the size of baby’s fingers to yours . Remember how small are they compared to yours.
  5. Don’t be pressurised into going home soon after delivery. Make the most of the time you can stay for in the bereavement suite .
  6. see if the hospital do hand and foot prints of baby to keep. or bring your own casting kit in hospital with you.
  7. Read baby a  tale / story book and keep it as a favourite just for baby.
  8. Use your 5 senses to create a memory Who does he look like ? How big does baby feel in your arms and so on.

sillborn baby born at 24 weeks

How long can a stillborn baby stay with you after birth?

stillborn births. Usually after the birth of a stillborn baby mum and dad can stay as long as they want. Making memories cuddling baby creating a lasting bond together. At some point baby’s condition will start to change . its because of the natural process of death. By the way Some maternity hospitals have a bereavement suite. located away from other new mums with crying babies . Due to it being such a sensitive time.

For instance In the bereavement suite there may a cold cot. In addition it helps to keep baby’s body temperature cool. Next depends on the plans of mum. If baby is to go to the funeral home or home. As a result when to say a goodbye at the hospital. The funeral home will take baby from the hospital direct to the funeral directors. Next your baby will be prepared for family viewing . There so you can say a last farewells.

Furthermore do you want to have the coffin at your home . usually delivered in the morning before the funeral starts. Saying goodbye in your heart is the hardest thing you will have to do. But you have to be strong. as letting baby go is the natural way. Thus to come to terms with your loss and to grieve.

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signs of early miscarriage information

signs of early miscarriage
signs of early miscarriage in pregnancy lots of useful information here.

signs of early miscarriage useful information

What are the Signs of early miscarriage information please ? Ordinarily you imagine a women in lots on pain like your in labour when you have an early miscarriage. But that is often not the case. For example You may see blood in the toilet as a first sign and some back pain. In some women who have spotting half of them go on to have a healthy baby. By the way A GP may refer you for an ultra sound scan. Next your GP may refer you to the early pregnancy unit that have started to pop up in maternity units.

Consequently if you have a scan booked around 12 weeks .This will confirm if you are still pregnant of if you indeed have had an early miscarriage.

if it is a miscarriage? is it a real baby I loose ?

In a miscarriage less than 12 weeks people gossiping will tell you ” oh get on with it its not yet a baby. its only a cluster of cells. ” But life is life and if a baby has a heartbeat at 7 weeks picked up on a doppler . How much more so will your baby have recognised features such as a head hand feet . Incidentally at 10 weeks your baby’s arms legs will be very active.
As a result baby’s development this early is amazing. Vital organs, including her kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver (now making red blood cells in place of the disappearing yolk sac), are in place and starting to function.

Having a baby at home miscarriage at 12 weeks.

You can have a private burial or cremation at home for your baby. Heaven and Hope promote a healthy way to grieve after a miscarriage. by giving a baby a little send off. you can do this in the privacy of your own home with close family around you. no matter how small It helps to bring closure . Its a celebration of life and helps you come to terms with your loss of a baby. little coffins are available here for babies less than 14 weeks gestation.

pregnancy loss ectopic pregnancy

Signs to watch out for in early pregnancy

Severe abdominal pains, Shoulder Pains and pain located at onside of your stomach. In the meantime Further investigations will be needed. Also to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

baby loss miscarriage early 12 weeks
miscarriage ashes urn necklace for baby

Types of miscarriages information

Discover information here on the different types of miscarriages

  • Bio chemical pregnancy the earliest type of a pregnancy miscarriage.
    which can occur before a woman even learns that she is pregnant. In addition in a chemical pregnancy, the egg is fertilized. Next the egg dies shortly after implantation. So a heartbeat is never identified in the growing baby.
  • Threatened miscarriage: Bleeding and cramping in pregnancy that does not result in a total miscarriage. The pregnancy carries on until the birth of the baby.
  • Missed miscarriage (delayed or silent) the pregnancy has stopped developing. but baby is still inside the mothers womb. Baby has died. no heartbeat found
  • Incomplete miscarriage: most of the contents of the pregnancy or the baby in the womb as gone. Its has naturally miscarried but there is still some tissue left inside. If not removed can cause infection to the mother.
  • Complete miscarriage:All of the pregnancy tissue the growing baby has died and has been passed and the uterus is empty.
  • Recurrent miscarriage: When a woman loses three or more pregnancies before 24 completed weeks.
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miscarriage at 19 weeks my wife killed our son

A miscarriage at 19 weeks my wife killed our son, I blamed her.

miscarriage at 19 weeks

How a miscarriage can tear you apart

A miscarriage in the 2nd trimester. I feel really bad by telling my wife you killed our son. To being with She was 19 weeks pregnant. A scan revealed our baby son’s death happened whilst he was in the womb. In short She had a miscarriage and delivered our baby dead. I hated her for it my first child gone at only 19 weeks into her pregnancy. She ate something bad ? she didn’t sit down for her full pregnancy, I blamed my wife and I shouldn’t have.

Therefore it nearly broke us apart. However After her miscarriage I thought it was her fault. Furthermore I blamed her that my baby son died. As a result I was wrong . In conclusion a knot in the cord caused his death. I apologised deeply to my wife we clung to each other for support. We joined a local group on Facebook and each day gets better.

Does a hospital keep the baby after a miscarriage at 20 or 22 weeks

can you have a miscarriage at 22 weeks ? sadly a baby has sadly passed very early on in pregnancy, mum had a miscarriage at 20 weeks gestation. Together she has asked you can you help organise the baby funeral service.

As a rule do hospitals keep tiny babies after a miscarriage . Especially for a cremation and The grave is a communal. A joint grave especially for babies and small children. In short scattered together. Other families can meet at the same place for special thoughts laying flowers etc.

In general Many families feel they have no choice, but you can do what ever you wish its your baby. You can arrange your own private funeral or cremation for a miscarriage under 24 weeks

For example all babies can be cremated or buried. As a rule it is up to the individual place ie church ground or council grounds as to the layout of headstones, small plants etc. Council Lawn mowers need to mow the grass, making the plot too big of an area to add curb stones and small stones or pebbles etc and is often prohibited. A funeral director will be able to discuss your individual needs. Also you can opt to choose a location too when there are plenty of spaces so baby can go near to a close relative or in /near family plot.

We lost our baby at 20 weeks gestation and due to have her in next few days Can we have a baby funeral at this many weeks gestation?

Yes If you plan on having an autopsy the funeral directors can collect her from the hospital after a few days of your local funeral directors some do not charge for baby funerals. They will be able to advise you on costings for a family plot or baby garden at your local cemetery if you do not have a family plot already.You may want to see if she can be laid to rest in a close relatives such as a great/grandparent if they have the grave deeds and enough room.

butterfly theme miscarriage funeral
Miscarriage organising a butterfly theme baby funeral.

Miscarriage butterfly theme baby funeral

let’s have a look how to plan this day and make it extra special for the parents. No one should ever have to bury a baby. In conclusion use this day as a celebration of their life. today we’ll look at the butterflies theme for a baby funeral service.

Some people see butterflies as like a sign from the angels above. They are graceful they gently dance on the air from flower to flower. usually butterflies they make your day seem brighter when they pass by you. butterflies only have a short life so bearing this in mind reminds us to enjoy the Here and Now.

Many people have noticed after they have lost a loved one occasionally tend to see a butterfly gently land on their hand when they are outside. to summarize it’s a sign of comfort and reassurance that their loved one still lives on?

Above all lets look at butterflies and how they are change. To begin with from caterpillar Transforming into into a cocoon and finally into a butterfly. Especially for the Christian family. In short the old life is gone. A new life has begun. After with Christ Jesus in heaven above.

planning a tender loving day To Say Goodbye to baby. planning a funeral service takes a little imagination. such as being creative for a stunning butterfly related theme.

miscarriage butterfly theme funeral wake

depending on the venue if there are children attending. In the meantime tell the family let them colour some butterflies in and use them as placemats for under the food at the wake.

people tend to have a wake at a funeral service . In particular sandwiches cut into butterfly shapes with a pastry cutter. Next colourful candles placed on the table.
For instance at the graveyard, the funeral casket is carried. By the way scatter a few biodegradable butterfly confetti. Good at poems ? Write a poem about butterflies. Butterflies are only here for a short time. But their beauty and Elegance captures inspiration of I’ve how beautiful they are.

look at this link and use one of our free butterfly songs.

To summarise about a butterfly theme funeral . Incidentally if you prefer one of the songs at the baby’s funeral its called “if I were a butterfly”.

subsequently there is also a CD you can order with this song. There’s a memorial for baby to be played as people attend the main venue .

you can cut out butterfly shapes and have some scriptures printed on. Include Poems, Photo of baby or a baby scan picture. Lastly each person could take away a little cupcake with a butterfly on.

A beautiful day showing the tenderness of babies. Another example could be a butterfly release. To do this you can look on Google Search for one in your local area.

A miscarriage saying goodbye to baby

Will people think it strange if I don’t go to my baby’s funeral a miscarriage at 22 weeks

Sometimes you make choices when your emotions get the better of you. Do what you feel really comfortable with. But don’t rush into the baby’s funeral arrangements. Especially if other family members are putting pressure on you to do so. You cant turn back the clock to do it again years later. Saying goodbye at a funeral helps you to realize baby has gone for a final sleep. Therefore cannot be with you in person anymore.

To help cope with grief Families find A little grave plot with the ashes placed inside soothing finally realizing baby has gone and is at peace. It also gives a sense of release in the healing process of grief.
Scattered ashes in a baby memorial garden, baby will be in the company with other babies and is another healthier option for your own peace of mind.Buried ashes in a special garden to visit with a little tree or bush at the side is another option.

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stillborn baby scan revealed baby has no heartbeat

stillborn baby born at 24 weeks

Stillborn baby how can you be prepared for a still birth

delivery in hospital of a stillborn baby .To begin with mum is going to have a stillbirth. her last scan revealed baby had no heartbeat. mum to be will deliver her baby. Mum’s baby will sadly be stillborn. It means baby has sadly died. You have just received the scariest news ever. baby has sadly passed away in the womb.After getting such bad news as this, you will be in shock for the next few weeks. Everything will seem like a blur.

labour and delivery of your stillborn baby

Vase white roses for a stillborn baby funeral ,white symbolizes innocence and purity.

when you arrive at hospital this is still your baby. in comparison to a normal delivery this your body.
and your decision at the end of the day of what happens next.
You do not have to go along with the crowd in what they have done.
you can be different to what’s classed as the norm.
The next few weeks to follow will determine how you survive each day, month year later, This is the only chance you ever get to hold, cuddle, kiss and look at your baby, so cherish every moment.

Being ready to delivery your stillborn baby.Don’t let family members put pressure onto you and your partner. if you have one. in doing something you may have issues years down the line. Because of the turmoil in receiving the bad news . you will find it hard in making important decisions. Get good support close by you. Especially if are on your own as a single parent having a stillbirth .
Your options will depend on where you live, your medical and any previous pregnancies and births, and of course any preferences you might have.

Where would your ideal delivery place like to be at home or hospital perhaps ?
the Birth plan. You may want to let nature take its course and deliver normally without any intervened induction of labour. Choosing pain relief you can have as much as you want.
What would you like happen to baby after delivery to keep baby by your side wash, bath dress, etc have family cuddles?
Where do you want baby to go after delivery to the hospital mortuary, collected by the funeral directors ?
Kept at home. Depending on the condition of baby at birth, age of gestational weeks can determine if you want or need an autopsy. Once baby has been released you can then plan baby’s funeral.

funeral Options for a stillborn baby

baby ashes caskets tiny sizes at heaven and hope

What funeral options do you have for a stillborn baby ? a stillborn baby born after 24 weeks of pregnancy must have a burial or cremation service. Once you get the death certificate baby’s body can be released to you. In this case to organise a private service or let the hospital arrange one . Hospitals sort out a communal service with other babies .it just means babies will have a joined area their cremated ashes go in. But you cant put private teddy bears hedge stones around it etc.

What will baby wear whilst having an autopsy you may want to order a simple gown, a baby bereavement outfit for the funeral and a second outfit for baby’s keepsake memory box.
if baby is full term baby he or she has be to be cremated or buried by law( This UK law effects all babies born 24 weeks gestational age completed)..

However babies under 24 weeks have tiny bodies .so if keeping baby at home for a short while they will need to be kept cold. You may want the undertaker to collect baby then, in baby’s body condition changes . For now in the Uk babies under 24 weeks do not get a stillborn death certificate but the laws may change soon.

I had a stillbirth now i need a headstone for my baby

first look at the size of the headstone, speak to the funeral director or stone mason that will be dealing with the writing to see how many letter/numeral characters it will hold. Will there need to be space added if its a family stone for future generations ?. if not usually the first 80 characters are free then they charge for the remainder and or etching drawn on the side etc you may also want to add the date of birth /death etc too determined on space available..

Write done on paper what you prefer play around with words and titles until you reach the amount of characters to see if it looks suitable .once its done by the stone mason it cannot be changed as it will be permanent .
Depending on when baby passed away you may want to consider these 3 options it for …
the first idea section A for babies that passed away early on in the womb .
the next idea section B for babies that passed away due to stillbirth.
section C for babies that passed away within the first year of life.
here are some suggestions of what to write on a baby gravestone or baby headstone that are appropriate for the age that baby passed away at.

Section A
Now apart yet forever in our hearts, sadly missed heavens kiss. Good night precious baby.
precious love and memories kept forever , our little one born sleeping.
just a little visit given, now with God upstairs in heaven. Missing you forever, goodnight precious baby.
born to soon, sleeping with the angels , Goodnight God bless our baby.
In loving memory of our precious angel born asleep.
Born sleeping in tender, sadly missed forever.
love that stays forever Our precious baby never forgotten.
Section B
cherished every moment of you gone too son precious baby.
Born asleep, yet your love we keep, thinking of you always xx.
Our Baby born sleeping, a twinkling star in heavens rest.
A hug, a kiss, in heavens bliss, gone too soon Our baby.
Goodnight sweet baby forever sleeping.

Section C
sadly missed a hug and a kiss our baby in our hearts forever.
treasured memories of a little life, so precious and loved by all. baby name … etc
Cherished memories of our lovable son goodnight little baby.
deeply missed asleep with the angels, now at Rest, Goodnight God bless.
In loving memory of our baby girl now in peace sweet dreams.

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4 months pregnant scan baby no heartbeat miscarriage

4 months pregnant scan baby no heartbeat miscarriage

4 months pregnant baby died

I was 4 months pregnant and baby has sadly died in the womb

Deciding to pay for a private scan being 4 months pregnant. You just wanted a scan picture early. In addition you wanted to show the scan picture to family and friends. The devastating news that baby has no heart beat will ring through your ears for a long time.

4 months pregnant and as a result you’ll have to wait for your body to have a miscarriage naturally or have an induction in hospital to start off labour.

Are you 4 months pregnant ? have you just found out baby has no heartbeat? Did you find out baby died at a 4 months pregnancy scan? A miscarriage can occasionally happen at 4 months .A baby as yet cannot survive out the womb at 16 weeks gestation. Because at this gestational age a baby will die in the womb or shortly after delivery.

Heaven and Hope know how important it is to be a mum even after a miscarriage. A woman that has given birth to a stillborn baby can still be a mum. Having cuddles, doing foot prints and dressing baby creates lasting memories. The family may decide to plan a private baby funeral.


Dressing baby for the funeral service.

parents shouldn’t have to worry about their baby being cold in the funeral casket. Thus dressing your baby in real baby clothes not only lets you be a hands on mum, but you’ll also have peace of mind that baby feels warm enough.

Heaven And Hope have the widest and biggest range of micro baby clothes in the uk . Furthermore With real baby clothes in the cutest fabrics. As a result These are for babies born less than 24 weeks gestation. plus they stock premature baby bereavement clothes too start from 1lb up to 8lb in weight. Sometimes hospitals get given donated baby gowns made from donated wedding dresses or knitted and crochet items.

Saying goodbye to baby after being 4 months pregnant

In normality a mum would choose to dress her baby in something she has picked out herself. being involved in planning her baby’s funeral is beneficial because all control is taken away from you when you lose a baby.Baby bereavement is one loss you never really get over or ever be used to. Saying goodbye to baby properly, making loving memories just before the funeral helps you prepare yourself for the grief that is to come with a loss.

4 months pregnant baby died

so how can you make memories of your baby with a miscarriage

Lastly You can make a keepsake memory box to put all things collected during pregnancy, photos of the family together, a lock of hair a cord clip, a micro sized teddy bear, a scan picture, hand a foot prints made from clay models. a bereavement card, drawings from other siblings just for baby. A memory box is treasured forever gone but never forgetting baby existed.

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why this business helps stillborn babies that have died

dear heaven and Hope Why do you help stillborn babies that have died?

stillborn babies that have died
cheeky chums

helping stillborn babies parents and their families. To begin with the business owner also owns Cheeky Chums. an online premature baby clothes superstore. Founded back in 2005 as a family run baby shop.until it moved out to concentrate on the manufacturing side for babies.

helping stillborn babies heaven and hope

until one day a family came into the shop to ask about 2lb baby clothes . Subsequently Cheeky Chums didn’t even have dolls clothes to fit this family’s baby for its own funeral service. Sheila Sudlow Business owner saw the sadness. The whole family left the shop empty handed. “No baby should ever have to go to their own funeral wearing no clothes.” Sheila remarked. from then on and after a lot of researching Sheila taught her self to sew. Many years later Sheila has many premature baby clothes brands under her belt.

In 2019 Sheila has such a passion to help families suffering from a baby bereavement. helping Parents of Stillborn babies and babies that died very early on due to a miscarriage. Tiny babies no matter how small should have the same respect and dignity as an adult in their time of leaving this earth. What does heaven and hope do for tiny babies and stillborn babies?

What does Heaven and Hope do for stillborn babies?

unisex stillborn babies clothes

Heaven and hope provide dignified funeral needs for the tiniest baby. For instance it could be the smallest baby clothing. Stocking appropriate baby bereavement cards so people can send to a family which have lost a baby.

Sheila comments …. “you may be able to get condolence cards from a high street shop. But its harder to find baby loss ones. or for twins babies. or indeed after a miscarriage. Plus the wording has to be right for the family to read. Parents do not want sympathy its takes a lot of work studying and research to get these cards just right”.

Next is Coffins and Caskets for stillborn babies. generally coffins start for newborn babies and children. tiny ones are much harder to come by. A parent was devasted once having received her babies ashes in a plastic tub. Heaven and Hope wanted to give even the tiniest baby a dignified funeral from start to finish.

Sheila has an indepth insight for a baby funeral and how the small details matter.

providing the finishing touches making the final resting place for babies as comfortable as possible. a comforting and caring attitude to families emotional state. Taking parents feelings into consideration. Sheila states ” its all in the detail” Making sure a baby doesn’t feel too cold in the funeral casket. “Giving baby a teddy to hold. It’s to keep them company on their journey to heaven “. Not just a teddy bear, but a tiny one that fits in their hand. that’s not overpowering in size”. or placing soft bedding in a tiny ashes urn . It makes all the difference in helping families saying goodbye to their baby . and So parents feel rest assured their baby is not suffering from any harm.