Miniature Teddy Bears From 3cm

miniature Teddy Bears From 3cm for a baby funeral

order a miniature  teddy bear from 3cm for a baby funeral here. The smallest cuddly plush teddy bears around. baby can hold one in his or her hand to keep them company for the funeral service.

These miniature teddy bears are so popular other parents find they buy two at once. One for baby to keep and one for baby’s memory box to treasure for ever. So your baby has his or her own cuddy toy for the Funeral. These cuddly toys are very tiny indeed. Heaven and Hope stock miniature cuddly Teddies, Rabbits, Pandas and small Giraffes too .

Miniature teddy bears for baby funeral service

When a very preterm baby has a casket for the funeral service. Ordinarily teddies for babies will be way to big to fit in the coffin.  At heaven and Hope Bear Hug bears come in the most mini of sizes from 3cm . It means it can fit a baby’s tiny hand perfectly. In turn keeping them company on their journey to heaven. Sleeping in peace and so they are never left alone. Add two miniature teddy bears to your shopping basket, from the ones instock now.

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Showing all 5 results