stillborn baby clothes mini nappies born at 24 weeks


baby born at 24 weeks stillborn funeral clothes and tiny nappies in pack 3 sold here.


baby born at 24 weeks stillborn baby funeral  nappies sold here

a baby born at 24 weeks is classed as viable. they can survive outside the womb. With medical support a baby born at this gestation is ready to leave hospital at the expected due date. approximately 16 weeks later they would likely leave the hospital. However sometimes babies don’t survive at 24 weeks. sadly some babies have already passed away in the womb. Delivery of her baby is known as a stillbirth or born stillborn.

delivering an infant that sadly died

knowing in advance a baby sadly died is heartbreaking. delivering a baby that passed away is worrying. As a result of the scan baby may have died a week ago. troubled thoughts could be what will they look like ? or how can I go home without my baby ? together with your baby in your arms and family support you can be strong. In this instance your baby has only known love.

Holding your baby after birth will feel amazing and upsetting. Knowing you have to say a final goodbye at some point. So make loving memories of them at the hospital to help you cope on bad days. a lady once said Time does not heal all wounds. It only puts a scab on them & every once in a while they bleed.

As you go into hospital to have your baby that sadly died. Picking your baby’s funeral clothes gives you back some control.

when you have picked the baby clothes.  you may decide baby also needs little nappies .add a pack tiny nappies from here. Nappies to fit your tiny baby born at 24 weeks. 1 to put on baby at birth.1 for your baby to wear for the funeral. an extra 1 to add to baby’s keepsake memory box. these stillborn baby nappies are to keep your baby feeling crisp clean and settled. Add a pack to your shopping basket just below.


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