Mini teddy bears BROWN 4cm planning baby funeral


mini teddy bears in brown 4cm in height


Mini teddy bears BROWN 4cm planning baby funeral

Mini teddy bears in brown smallest ever only 4cm. planning a baby funeral for a sad loss at 21 weeks. baby can hold one of these mini teddys bears sleeping in peace. bear hugs specializes in micro teddies from 3cm upwards.  newborn teddy bears are way to big for a preterm baby born at 20 or 21 weeks. It wont even fit in the funeral casket along side them. This teddy bear is plush fabric.  in this case 4cm is the perfect size for tiny hands to hold. Their very own toy taking them up to heaven to be with God. also available in other colours including pink lemon white or blue.see other listings for details. Click add to basket to pick this teddy in brown. 

A family member can help you with the planning of a baby funeral. Just because your baby was not full term doesn’t mean they cant have a funeral service. Incidentally babies less than 24 weeks can have a funeral but don’t get the death certificate. If you need poem prayer or song ideas to help with the planning click here



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