miniature teddybears LEMON 4cm infant miscarriage gift


miniature teddybears lemon size 4cm tall


miniature teddybears LEMON 4cm infant miscarriage gift

Miniature teddybears only 4cm available here. miscarriage gift for a tiny babies funeral. This item is for Miniature teddybears by Bear hugs, when only the smallest teddy will do. In this instance a gentle Funeral gift when mum sadly had a miscarriage . In short so baby can hold one on their journey to the stars. Keeping them company along the way. lemon coloured plush teddybears sold singly. click add to basket to order this colour in lemon.

when a mum has sadly had a miscarriage you may want to send her a specialized baby sympathy card. along with one of these teddies she can treasure them both in baby’s memory box.  you can also find appropriate wording here to go inside. Especially when saying just sorry doesn’t seem to be enough. as a result The family will really appreciate your kindness at this sad time.



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