stillborn baby boy clothes sweet dreams born at 24 weeks


stillborn baby boy clothes baby gown set born at 24 weeks sweet dreams


stillborn baby boy clothes sweet dreams born at 24 weeks gestation.

Stillborn baby boy delivered at 24 weeks pregnant. what can he wear for the funeral service. Also Being so small normal newborn sized baby clothes will be way to big on him. Compared to Dressing him in comfort. And in clothes you have picked out yourself is of more benefit to him isn’t it.. In short This is a sweat dreams stillborn baby gown. easy dressing, complete with hat. Next a tiny teddy bear keeps him company. ordinarily even small teddy bears would be way to big for his hand to hold. Here at heaven and Hope that isn’t a problem. Supplying the most micro sized teddybears to fit in the hands of tiny babies. click the add to basket button just below to order this style

when can you plan a stillborn baby funeral

arranging a funeral for a stillborn baby . after birth you’ll spend some quality time with your baby. The hardest part will be going home without taking your baby with you. This is not the case, in summary its what people think is what has to happen. You may decide this is not for you choose to take baby at home. However some mums do leave their babies behind. For example You can take baby home until the funeral. But baby will have to be kept really cold. For instance put frozen ice packs under the sheet in baby’s own moses basket. change them at least twice a day.

Once the hospital tell you its ready, you collect the medical certificate from the hospital. Subsequently its then given to registry office. Above all its to get a death certificate.  In the UK you have 42 days to do this.  Scotland’s regulations its 21 days. Ireland have different rules its within 1 year. Next the undertakers / funeral directors can start to arrange a private funeral. Furthermore the alternative is let the hospital keep your baby when you leave. Also attending the communal cremation service arranged by the hospital. Lastly your baby’s ashes will be scattered with other babies.




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