stillborn baby gown infant funeral wear born at 24 weeks white


stillborn baby gown clothes infant funeral born at 24 weeks in white


stillborn baby gown infant funeral wear born at 24 weeks in white

we stock stillborn baby gowns and clothes born at 24 weeks. Compared to newborn sizes these arn’t overpowering in size. looking on the internet is a struggle to find appropriate clothing this small. Your baby shouldn’t have to wear dolls clothes just because they born early. Imagine itchy fabrics worn next to skin. Very irritating you’ll want your baby to be dressed in comfort. Especially settled in peace ready for the funeral.

White and how its used for a baby funeral.

Incidentally the colour white is a symbol of purity and innocence. heaven and Hope have found white baby gowns a popular choice. Hence the range of white gowns range increasing. Funeral gowns for babies from 16 weeks gestation. White funeral flowers are used to. Besides white doves release is soothing for a funeral. In this case you can look online for one near you.

you wont worry that baby will feel cold. This infant gown will fit babies born at 24 weeks. A cotton gown that fastens at the back for ease of dressing. 100% softest fabric dressed and at rest. click the add to basket button to order this unisex style stillborn baby gown.



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