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why this business helps stillborn babies that have died

dear heaven and Hope Why do you help stillborn babies that have died?

stillborn babies that have died
cheeky chums

helping stillborn babies parents and their families. To begin with the business owner also owns Cheeky Chums. an online premature baby clothes superstore. Founded back in 2005 as a family run baby shop.until it moved out to concentrate on the manufacturing side for babies.

helping stillborn babies heaven and hope

until one day a family came into the shop to ask about 2lb baby clothes . Subsequently Cheeky Chums didn’t even have dolls clothes to fit this family’s baby for its own funeral service. Sheila Sudlow Business owner saw the sadness. The whole family left the shop empty handed. “No baby should ever have to go to their own funeral wearing no clothes.” Sheila remarked. from then on and after a lot of researching Sheila taught her self to sew. Many years later Sheila has many premature baby clothes brands under her belt.

In 2019 Sheila has such a passion to help families suffering from a baby bereavement. helping Parents of Stillborn babies and babies that died very early on due to a miscarriage. Tiny babies no matter how small should have the same respect and dignity as an adult in their time of leaving this earth. What does heaven and hope do for tiny babies and stillborn babies?

What does Heaven and Hope do for stillborn babies?

unisex stillborn babies clothes

Heaven and hope provide dignified funeral needs for the tiniest baby. For instance it could be the smallest baby clothing. Stocking appropriate baby bereavement cards so people can send to a family which have lost a baby.

Sheila comments …. “you may be able to get condolence cards from a high street shop. But its harder to find baby loss ones. or for twins babies. or indeed after a miscarriage. Plus the wording has to be right for the family to read. Parents do not want sympathy its takes a lot of work studying and research to get these cards just right”.

Next is Coffins and Caskets for stillborn babies. generally coffins start for newborn babies and children. tiny ones are much harder to come by. A parent was devasted once having received her babies ashes in a plastic tub. Heaven and Hope wanted to give even the tiniest baby a dignified funeral from start to finish.

Sheila has an indepth insight for a baby funeral and how the small details matter.

providing the finishing touches making the final resting place for babies as comfortable as possible. a comforting and caring attitude to families emotional state. Taking parents feelings into consideration. Sheila states ” its all in the detail” Making sure a baby doesn’t feel too cold in the funeral casket. “Giving baby a teddy to hold. It’s to keep them company on their journey to heaven “. Not just a teddy bear, but a tiny one that fits in their hand. that’s not overpowering in size”. or placing soft bedding in a tiny ashes urn . It makes all the difference in helping families saying goodbye to their baby . and So parents feel rest assured their baby is not suffering from any harm.

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